Sunday, July 15, 2012

Restyled Sundays #43 (I'm Back)

Welcome Back To Restyled Sundays

I am sorry for the unannounced leave of absence, but just when I thought life
couldn't get any busier, it did. And, once you skip posting for a week or so, 
it gets harder and harder to sit back down. We have spent hours and hours with
our daughter looking for a new house for her. We have seen many things she liked,
but there is always something wrong. She did make an offer on one house, but 
someone else made an offer about 10 minutes before she did.
Anyway, she has to be out of her house in 10 days and she finally decided to take 
a break from looking and get packed. She is going to put her stuff in storage and
stay with us until she finds the perfect house.

I know it has been three weeks, but I am still going to feature my favorites
from the last Restyled Sundays, so here they are.
Barb from Turtles and Tails created this very cool patio
bar with her husbands help. 

Homer Laughlin Egg Cup at the Salvation Army.
Check those out on E-bay!
photo to create this amazing vintage dresser.

Thanks to everyone who stuck around while I was gone. I hope you will all join in
for this weeks Restyled Sundays.