Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bar Stools Madeover

I found these two bar stools last summer at a garage sale for $3 each. Actually there were three, the third one had no paint on it at all. Someone had started painting them bright red and must have gotten frustrated at how much paint it was taking. It does take a lot of paint to thoroughly cover the rush seats.
Of course, I almost forgot to take a before picture.
So, here is the after.
Krylon's Satin Black spray paint. I think it was 5 cans total to do the three bar stools. Today, when I went to the antique mall they were gone, yeah! Linking to these parties: Furniture Feature Fridays
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Goodwill Jackpot Finds And A Freezing Auction

It was a great weekend for thrifting. My daughter and I decided to go to an auction in town that is held every Saturday. It was our first time and I guess we assumed it was being held inside. Whoops! It was outside and it was 34 degrees and snow flurries were flying around. We took a quick look around and decided this was not the week for us to break into the auction world. Fortunately, we had seen a garage sale sign a few blocks away at the Kansas School for the Deaf. They were smart and holding their garage sale in the gymnasium. I Found this cute little owl candle there and a "cloche" cheese dome (forgot to take a picture of it). My daughter found some great picture frames and a great stash of Readers Digest Condensed Novels, the ones with the pretty binding, for 50 cents each! She grabbed those up and took them home, so no pics of those either. So, I ran to Sam's Club after she went home, and since it was so cold out, I could leave my frozen veggies in the car and run into Goodwill on the way home. I found this wood lamp and shade which I have a plan for, watch for a future post. It was $1.99.
This fabulous set of very old spool beds which included headboards and footboards for two twin beds. They were $9.99 for everything.
This adorable powder blue, vintage makeup case, complete with tray insert and key!
A great sturdy chair, perfect for painting, for $4.99
And, last but not least, was this totally awesome black wooden swivel desk chair, for $14.99.This chair is not old, but very solid and very possibly of the Pottery Barn or Ballard's quality.I was so excited, you should have seen me rearranging everything in my car to get it all in. I even still had a carseat in there from having my grandson earlier in the week.
What a good weekend! Also, got lot's of painting done!
Oh, be sure to check out my daughter's blog Who Makes Up This Craft,
she has a great tutorial today.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Home Is Where The Dog Is and a Sneak Peek

One of my favorite blogs is Savvy Southern Style where Kim posted an update of her master bedroom yesterday. I loved her new style, but one thing that really caught my eye was the pillow in this last photo. She is a dog lover like I am and I knew I had to have a pillow like hers.
Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures, she always does an amazing job.
So I decided to make one with my embroidery machine. I used my lettering software to create the design and I had the perfect pillow that I had picked up at Goodwill this week to make a cover for. I am always on the outlook for feather pillows that I can recover,
and this one set me back $1.99!
So, here is the result. I am so pleased with how this turned out!
I even added the little paw prints! And for the sneak peek, her is my big project that I am working on. I should have it finished by tomorrow, so keep an eye out! Once again, thanks for visiting and a big welcome to all of my new followers! I am so excited to have more than fifty of you wonderful folks following my posts. Linking to the following parties:
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rose Reflections

This is another one of those projects that I can only show you the after. I have looked and looked for the before picture, but I took it so long ago it is lost forever. No actually, I'm sure I will find it long after I write this post! Anyway, this mirror came from a thrift store and was a mixture of beige and brown roses! Who ever thought beige and brown roses made an atractive mirror, must have been crazy. I brought it home and painted it a beautiful creamy color and decided it was even uglier, if that was possible. Now she has been repainted once again in a glossy white, I think she is beautiful. I didn't think I was every going to get the darker colors covered with the bright white. I took her to the antique mall twice before I got everything white. Apparently the light in my basement is so poor that I just could not see the creamy yellow colored spots down in the grooves of the roses until I got it out in the bright daylight. Wow, I am so glad I finally got her done! I am linking to these parties:

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few Projects Finished And Other News

Whew! What a busy weekend. We had a wonderful family birthday, combining several of the grandchildren into one party. Cake and presents, lot's of family and a beautiful warm sunny day for the kids to play outside. In between shopping for gifts and going to the party, I was able to finish up some projects and get them ready to sell.
This little table has been sitting in my basement for a few months. A few coats of Krylon's Satin Black paint and she turns into a real beauty ready for a new home.
A little Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on the old brass handle and it looks so much better.
I have had this beautiful ,sturdy,solid rocker for at least six months and I was originally going to keep it, but another chair has taken its place. I made this soft green chenille cushion to take the edge off of the hard seat.
And the most exciting thing I did was started moving into a booth at a new antique mall about a mile from the one I am already in. The new place is called Lone Elm Antiques for anyone in the Kansas City area. Let me know if you want more info. Here are a few pieces that I moved over from the other booth at Sentimental Journey.

This lovely ivory rocking chair.

A glass and brass coffee table that has been updated with ORB.

A cute litte trolley tea cart.

This great white ladder bookshelf.

And a vintage high chair with a fresh coat of paint.

I can't wait to show you pictures of the booth when it is complete.

Thanks for visiting!

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