Sunday, July 14, 2013

Restyled Sundays #69

Welcome Back To Restyled Sundays!

Another week, another move. My oldest son and his family have somehow gotten into the business of house rehab. They buy a house in need of updating and live in it 2-3 years while fixing it up, then sell it for a big profit. They just sold their second rehab project and their goal is to pay cash for a house in a few years. Well, this time they sold their house and couldn't find another one to buy in time so yesterday they moved into a farmhouse rental. I thought for sure they would buy it after a few months, but after I saw it I changed my mind. It was in bad shape, floors leaning,etc. I wasn't smart enough to take any pics, but I will take some soon and show you how they fix it up over the next few months. My mom and dad are moving in 3 weeks, so I'll be helping them get packed and ready.

I really enjoyed your posts this week. I love seeing what everyone has been up to.

Mary from Create Inspire took an old vanity and turned it into a little girls dream!
Cindy from ::Cottage Instincts:: turned and old waterfall dresser into a masterpiece with a two toned paint job!
And finally,Julia from Happy House and Home, created this simply elegant pillow with some burlap and stencils.
Now, lets see what you've been up to this week! Be sure to add a link back to the party and visit the posts on either side of yours.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Restyled Sundays #68

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July. We watched fireworks after dark, but spent most of the day working on projects around the house. I seem to always have multiple projects that are half finished, and I am committing to finishing those before I start anything new. Hopefully as I get them finished, I have something to share with you.
I love all of the great finds from The Vintage Green but this fabulous Flow Blue bowl was to die for!

This green beauty with its sweet little birds was refreshed by Cyndi at ::Cottage Instincts::

This beautiful desk was created by Cyndi at Blue Star Antiques, be sure to read about her waxing mistake.
I love seeing all of your posts! And I love your comments. Thanks for dropping by!
Now lets see what you've been up to this week.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Restyled Sundays #67

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!
Follow my blog with Bloglovin Whew! I almost missed that it was Sunday again. The days seem to run together.
Thanks to everyone who shared at the party last week.
Cyndi at Cottage Instincts did a fabulous job redoing
an old veneered waterfall sideboard. I really loved the wallpaper on
the sides and draws. I redid a similar one here in 2011.
Wow, how time flies!
I also really liked this chicken wire memo board by
Denise on a Whim It looks so fun, love the color and the stripe.
And, its always fun to have something fresh for the garden.
This adorable bucket was created by Dawn at
Thanks everyone and I hope you are getting ready for a great
4th of July week!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Wedding Dresser

My daughter-in-law texted me one day (her primary method of communication) and asked if I had a vintage table of some kind. Her younger sister was getting married and having a vintage wedding. They were having the wedding outdoors (in early May) and needed someplace for the minister to set the Bible.
I didn't have any old tables, but I had this lovely old dresser. With its pretty pink glass knobs, it was perfect. They loved it, but wanted it to be off white. So, I tried some home made chalk paint. I had not used the unsanded grout recipe before and decided to go with it. It worked great, but I didn't like how it set up like plaster, mix a new batch with each coat. I would love to hear the solution to that.

Well, it snowed here and the ground was a mess, so the wedding had to be moved indoors. There ended up not being enough room for the dresser since space was so tight, but her parents ended up buying it for her as a keepsake from her wedding. I love seeing young people who love vintage pieces as much as I do. Sorry for the poor quality picture, but the weather was not cooperating to get it outside in the daylight!

I also made a blanket and Bumbo cover for the flower girls. Since my granddaughter still needs a little help sitting up and her cousin set behind her.
My darling grandson was the ring bearer, dressed like a little newsboy. And my daughter in law was a bridesmaid. It was truly a vintage wedding in an old converted barn. Really cool place!

As you can see in the background, they were feeding the cake to each other, while I was taking pictures of my kids, whoops.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Restyled Sundays #66

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays
Sorry I have been MIA for the last month. I am really trying to get my life together, but when I get one thing accomplished, another one pops up. I finally got my parents storage unit emptied out from their move to senior living last year. Now we're sorting through it all and putting some of it in the antique booth. Between trying to send loads of stuff to Goodwill and trying to organize their apartment we have been very busy.
I think I shared that we were getting a new dog back in April. Sophie makes puppy #3 in our household and three dogs is at least three times as much work as two. We absolutely adore her, but keeping up with her energy level is not easy. I am walking her daily, so that seems to be helping, probably me as much as her! I'm losing weight, but she is still growing.
Then of course there is work, both our new business and housework! At the end of the day I fall into the couch and veg out for an hour before I go to bed.
I know it's been a while, but I still want to go back and feature my favorites from the last party!
I love this green farmhouse table and chairs from Veronica at Knott So Shaby, a great example of Emerald Green, pantones color of the year.
Check out this cool chevron bench. It's another creation from Kathy at Life On Lakeshore Drive. It's amazing what some chalk paint and new fabric can do for an old piece of furniture.
And last but not least, is this blue and white dresser makeover from Denise at Denise on A Whim...
Hopefully there are still some,of you out there. I really appreciate you hanging in there while I get my act together! Now let's party !!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Restyled Sundays 65

Welcome back to Restyled Sundays!
Another week gone by! Between work and the antique stores, I feel like I am meeting myself coming and going. On top of all of that, my Mom and Dad rented a storeroom last year when they moved into senior living. Its time to get everything out of there since they aren't ever going to use any of it. I learned the art of being a pack rat from two of the best, so this process has me really looking at simplifying my life as soon as possible.
Well, enough about me, let's take. Look at last weeks party.

Barbara from Decorating with Barbara has a great tutorial on makin your own Mercury Glass.

Denise from Denise on a Whim created a cute chalkboard with shelf out of an old chair back.
Thanks to everyone for following and sharing. I love hearing from you all so please leave a comment and I will get back with you!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Restyled Sundays #64 and Happy Mother's Day

Sorry for the late post, I had it scheduled and it didn't post when it was supposed to.

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I am looking forward to a nice quiet day
with my kids and my mother. We are keeping it simple with breakfast at IHOP.
I hope your's is relaxing and you get to enjoy the day.

Thanks so much for sharing last week. I have a few favorites and they are.....

Take a look at this beauty by Kyra at Chateau Revivals.
Sometimes the simplest makeovers give the best results.

Lisa at {creatinspire} updated a really boring
bench and turned it into this beauty.

This sweet little tote was spruced up by
And finally, be sure to check out this and other pallet projects
Thanks again everyone, and let's see what you've been up to this week.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Restyled Sundays #63

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

Once again, I've been off track here and so consumed with life that I can't seem
to keep up with posting.  Sorry that I missed hosting the party last week, I am
trying to get my mom's storage unit empty and life has once again been
a little overwhelming.  We picked up our new dog and immediately fell in
love with her, but one of our other dogs is not so thrilled. We are going to
have to work on some group training to make this work. I'll share
more about the girls later.

Now let's visit with my favorites from two weeks ago.

Christine from Rustic and Refined took a very boring dresser
and turned it into this beautiful console table.

Lynda at Something Created Everyday picked up this
adorable nut chopper at an estate sale. It is just like the one
my grandmother had when I was growing up!

Lisa at {createinspire} turned a boring buffet into
this beauty with some teal paint and pretty knobs. Love it!

And finally, Jane at Minnesota Junker found a simple wooden
key and created this cool wall hanging.

I always love what you all have to share. Thanks for coming back and back!
Now let's see what you been up to the last 2 weeks.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Restyled Sundays #62

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays

I am actually writing this early, which is really odd since I never do anything
early. But, sweet hubby and I are driving today from Olathe, Kansas to
Chattanooga, Tennesee to pick up another dog. My niece was looking
for a new home for this sweet girl.
She will be one year old next Thursday and they can no longer
keep her, so we can't say no to such a sweet face.
Sophie will be our third dog, maybe we are crazy, but we love them all.
I am just praying now that Lady and Ellie like her.
I'll share more pics when I get her home!

Now I want to thank each of you that joined in to the party last week.
And thanks to all of you who just come to read. I really love to read
your comments, so be sure to let me know what your up to.

Kathryn from The Junk In Our Trunks found this gorgeous buffet
at a garage sale for $25. I need to go junking with her!

Cyndi from Blue Star Antiques created this amazing
table with a houndstooth pattern.

Susan from Simply Stone Creek turned an
old worn out dresser into this beauty!
I really love how Denise...on a whim redid a pair of plain
old stools with a few colors of chalk paint

Thanks again for sharing your projects. Tell your friends where you party!
Now let's see what you've been up to this week.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Restyled Sundays #61

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

I don't know if anyone else noticed, because I didn't until just now, but last week was
really week #60 and I labeled it #50. So now we are on the right track, and I am
officially a dummy! Probably more like ADD and I have to many things
running around in my head at once. Oh well, we are all good now.

We did not get to keep our warm weather long, but surely spring is a coming
since my flowers are all starting to shoot up little sprouts.
I really want to rework my garden this year. It would really help to have shade
loving plants in the shade and sun in the sun. My knock out roses only
bloom a little under the big birch trees. I'll try to get some pics soon.

Anyway, lets get on with the party. Thanks so much for all who joined
in last week. I love seeing what you have done.

I am in love with the beautiful finish on this
black armoire that Lisa from {createinspire} transformed..
It's truly a wow!

Talk about amazing! This girl transforms pianos into works
of art. From the junk in our trunks!

I love paper wreaths and Ashley from Ashley's Dandelion Wishes
added some color with different papers. Very springy!

amazing husband who made this cute bird house for her
from and old ice cream churn! What a guy!

Thanks to everyone again for joining in. I hope you have had a great week
and have lots to share this week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays #50

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

Another busy week, and I finally had a little time to work at the antique
store. It felt so good to be in their rearranging, but I have a lot of work
to do to make it as pretty as I would like.  The best part of the week
is the weather. It was actually 77 degrees yesterday and even though it
was a little windy, I could not wait to get out a shake my can of Krylon.
No, I am not leaving this red. But it will probably take a couple
of cans of spray paint to cover this.

Well now let's talk about what you all shared last week.

Denise on a whim created this adorable mail station
from an old shutter and a little help from her hubby. 

Lisa from Create Inspire Me turned an ugly dresser into
this sweet vintage find. Be sure to check out the before.

Cyndi from Blue Star Antiques gutted an old salvaged
radio and created this beautiful little display piece.

I seemed to be on a blue theme this week :)
It is my favorite color!

Now let's see what you have been up to this week.