Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Life For Duncan Phyfe

I bought this Duncan Phyfe table and chairs from another vendor at Sentimental Journey.
 She knew it needed to be taken home and painted, but she really doesn't like painting furniture.
  Sweet! I love painting furniture. I especially love painting furniture and tripling the price that I paid for it.
It is a really solid set, with some cosmetic issues.
Like the giant scratch you can see on the leaf above.
And, someone had painted the chairs a yuck brown, then upholstered the seats with
a kitchen print oilcloth. Makes them easy to clean, right?
But who doesn't love the backs of these chairs.
I'm not sure what it is called, but I am calling it a harp. 
Please excuse the quality of the after pics. They actually turned out better than I thought
they would. My husband had taken the camera with him when I hauled the set out of the basement,
so I had to take these pictures with my I-phone.
These photos were all taken in my booth at Lone Elm antique mall after I set it up and staged the booth.
The funny part is that the vendor I bought the set from at one antique store,
 is in the booth next to me where I have it staged and ready to sell.

It just looks so much better now, I think the black really brought it up to date! 

      Finally, a close up of the script fabric I used
to recover the seats with.  And by the way, I only paid $85 for the whole set.
I had the paint and fabric, so it was a great makeover for only $85.
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  1. Love your transformation, the chair covers really add to the total effect. You'll certainly make some money on this set. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have my grandmothers old duncan phife it is now in peices but I still have it in storage love those legs

  3. Wow it looks stunning I would love to have that in my kitchen

  4. Stunning! I had a set like that once and still wish I had kept it! The color and the fabric really make it seem very chic. Great transformation!

  5. It's beautiful. I love the black too. Thanks for linking to the party. I hope to see you again this week.

  6. Great job! Love the black and the fabric you used on the seats. Stopping by from 504 Main

  7. Hi! I am in OP and saw your gorgeous booth at Lone Elm this past weekend--I am in awe of your talent and eye for beautiful pieces! I am considering a small booth there...would you possibly allow me to ask a few questions? Thank you! Erin (

  8. LURVE, Those chairs! Great Job Sistah'

  9. perfect timing! my mom died in february and left this exact set of furniture (in better shape, though - LOL!). it was the only thing i really wanted, but i want to paint the table & chairs, and have worried about it. you have given me the courage to go ahead.

    it is only because the furniture was hers that i hesitated. i am usually pretty fearless about painting furniture. i needed a sign from the universe, and google pointed me here. as i said, perfect timing!

    thank you!!!! :)

  10. Hi, Next time I visit KC, I'm coming by your booth! Do you have a post on how you painted your Duncan Phyfe dining table and chairs? I have a set and this post just gave me yet another project to do! Great blog. Thanks!

  11. The style is called Lyre Back. I have my grandmother's and she would be 119 years old this year. Her's originally had needlepoint seats. It is definitely antique. In good original shape they are valued at over $1000. I have the same table, the chairs are a bit different. The table has 4 leafs. It extends to almost 10 feet.