Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday's Treasures

My week has been crazy, but this week I am getting this post up on Monday! Yeah!!
Back to my father-in-laws attic treasures I am taking you. We are getting down to the end of the great treasures until we can make another trip back up into the attic!

This sweet little vase pitcher is hand painted and came from Bavaria.

This is another vase I found. It has sculptured porcelain flowers and a fluted edge.
This little figurine of a gentleman helping a lady on with  her coat says it is from "Occupied Japan"
A cute salt and pepper shaker set that are replicas of a local grain mill.
Another set of salt and pepper shakers. These are also from 'Occupied Japan"
These sweet little porcelain boots are so dainty for display.
A pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from the 1950"s. Things don't change much, do they!
One of my favorite finds is these rooster salt and pepper shakers. One is sitting on top of a creamer and I am sure the other one is supposed to be on top of a sugar bowl.  I am praying the sugar bowl will still turn up.
Ok, that is sad, I should not be praying for a sugar bowl, but I love this set so much!

Once again, thanks for reading. I will be around more this week so watch for some great furniture transformations that I have finally completed.

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  1. Wow! I'd love an attic like that. Unfortunately our attic is full of broken toys and dust left over from the previous owner.

    Well done.

    Madison xxx

  2. I am very late finding you from thrift share Monday. I have not been able to post thrifty finds for a while (and am having withdrawals.)
    Love this post and your treasures and of course I have to read more and see what I missed!