Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday's Treasures

Again it is Tuesday and I am just now posting Monday's Treasures. Maybe I should start calling it Tuesday's Treasures. This weekend I lost my camera for three days. So today I finally found it at work. So tonight I finally took pictures of this weekends great buys. So you finally get this post. Oh my gosh that was so exhausting.

Well this weekend I went back to the new Major Thrift by the antique mall.  Major Thrift is pretty proud of their furniture, ir's usually more expensive than the the antique store. How sad is that?  However, they don't always know what they have and under price some of their accent pieces.  Plus, Sunday everything is 20% off, and you can't pass up 20% off!
I found this adorable little foot stool with fringe as big as the stool itself .

This very sweet vintage basket. This one is really old. I have a similar one that belonged to my great aunt and I believe it was from the 1920's.
I couldn't grab this glass cloche fast enough. It was marked $3.99 and then it was 20% off!
And it is huge, at least 8" in diameter.
I couldn't resist this adorable bear with it's holiday sweater.
I sort of have a thing for teddy bears, I will have to share more pics of those later.

From the antique mall, another vendor put this dated wicker sofa on sale for $95.
I am slightly obsessed with wicker and with some updating this can be really special.
And from my father-in-law's attic I love this candy jar with the eagle pressed into the glass.
I also wanted to share this very cool little puppet  from his attic. I wish I knew more about this,
so if anyone knows anything about these vintage paper toys, let me know!
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  1. you found some great buys! the wicker has the same design as some of the baskets I have that belonged to my Grandmother.

  2. Great grab on that cloche! The candy jar is really nice too; I love that eagle.

    I don't think I've ever seen a puppet such as this, so can't offer any information on him.

    Look forward to seeing what you do with the wicker sofa!

  3. Great finds. When I was young we used to make paper toys like that and to find out more I would research it with people who know about paper dolls.

    On my blogger blog I have a page listing thrift hop link ups for every day of the week.