Saturday, February 19, 2011

Don't Forget The Ice

I keep finding these sad little ice buckets at thrift shops. They must have been intended to look like intricately carved wood, but they're not quite able to carry it off. They are just plastic and look pretty cheap. I thought they deserved a second chance at life and I didn't have an ice bucket. I actually took this photo after I had removed the antique brass knob on the top, but it was dark and dingy also. Kind of boring, huh! Look what a coat of Krylon Spray Paint can do. I used Ocean Breeze on the bucket itself and the lid. On the knob I used Krylon Satin Nickel.
Isn't she adorable?
Look at those little quatrafoil designs on the sides!
And to top her off, her shiny new knob!
I couldn't be happier with her now. Linking to:
Funky Junk Interiors
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  1. Very nice - I don't think I've seen any ice buckets like this at my thrifting stops but I'll be sure to look a little harder for them now that I've seen yours.

  2. SOOOOO pretty! I love how you transformed this into something beautiful!

  3. I could have used lovely bucket last night at my Tupperware party! I was looking for something more creative than my ugly blue one with the weathered wooden lid.. I am going to take a closer look at that bucket and kick it in gear!
    Your Newest Follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

  4. Hi Ann,
    It's Leslie again... congratulations! You have just won a gift! Click on this link and find out what it's all about. Contact me via private email with your information.. Smile! Your on Candid Camera!

  5. I love it. I never see them in Colorado, what a great find. I am a new follower, thanks for becoming a follower of Willow Creek! :)

  6. You're joking. What a transformation!! I'd love it if you'd link this project up on my Marvelous Mess party!! I'll be picking one project to feature prominently on my sidebar for a week!! Here is the link to it:

  7. That is fabulous!!! Never would have thought...
    I actually once bought that exact, ugly ice bucket for a joke... My father once accused us (as a joke) of stealing his ice bucket.... It was no where to be found... for a year, he would say, "Who took the ice bucket"?
    So for his B-day, I bought a whole bunch of ugly ice buckets at GW, filled them with candy & gave them to him... AND not soon after... the ice bucker was found... in the closet... now he says one of us put it back.... : )
    I will ask him for that bucket & do a paint job.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!
    (stopping by from Becolorful)

  8. very cute! i am always looking for an ice bucket to re-do! great job, it's a very unique design- and much better since you got ahold of it! i found you at under the table and dreaming!:)

  9. What an awesome idea...nice to meet you, coming from Kims

  10. That is one of the most amazing transformations I've seen in a very long time! Ice Ice, Baby! (Have you watched his reno show?) You would make him proud!

  11. A total update. From weary to cool. Love it. So glad you posted it on Motivated Monday at BeColorful.

  12. So cute. What a great color. Totally updated it!

  13. Another great color choice I am seeing tonight. Pure eye candy I tell ya..I love it. Thanks so much for joining my color party this week. See you on Monday for the newbie link up.

  14. OMJealous. Thats all there is to say about that. Thanks for linking up!

    Love your guts