Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Exclusive (A Few Days Late)

My sweet adorable husband decided to create a delicious Valentines dinner for me the other night. He is learning to cook in a whole new way since I became a vegetarian about 18 months ago. We had bow tie pasta with a white wine sauce, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes and artichoke hearts. Fresh baked garlic bread and Apple Crumb pie for dessert. He was so thoughtful and I really enjoyed the whole meal. We had promised not to spend anything for Valentines day this year, so I had to come up with something creative. We have started watching the new show called @#?/ My Dad Says, with William Shatner. A few weeks ago the dad and his new girlfriend were discussing becoming exclusive. My husband asked if he had ever signed anything about being exclusive :) and I started laughing so hard. Anyway, we kept asking each other about being exclusive ever since. This sound's like we haven't always been exclusive, but we are just kidding,we have been together for 27 years, it's just about the word. So, I had to make him a pillow with the definition on it. I designed it on my embroidery lettering software and stitched it out. Our bedroom is navy and white, so it will go on our bed as a fun reminder of our exclusivity!
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