Saturday, August 27, 2011

Restyled Sundays Begins!


I am so excited to be hosting my first link party. I really want to see what thrifting finds you have made and what finds you have restyled. I love sharing my finds and makeovers, but can't wait to  see what you've got.  Be sure to add the Restyled Sundays button (on the sidebar) to your blog post and link it up below.

I did not have time this weekend to thrift  because my dad is in the hospital, but I bought this earlier in the week and it may be my favorite poodle figurine yet. I have been looking for a set for several years and found this sitting in a booth near mine for $8.50.  I have seen them listed on ebay for as high as $75.00. I couldn't get to the front to buy it fast enough.  Be sure to tell your friends about the party, the more the merrier!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come Join My New Party On Sunday

Ok, So in my last post I told you I was starting a linky party on Tuesdays but I couldn't come up with a name.  I looked at alot of different parties and decided that Sundays had the least.  As far as a name, it finally decided I had one that was perfect. I am  going to call it 

Restyled Sundays  

I don't mean to be so fickle and keep changing my mind, but I do want to keep life interesting here in blogland! This party will be about thrifty finds and what you do with them. Let's share our treasures and restyling. I hope you will all join me and spread the word around to all of your friends. I am having a new button designed so watch for that very soon!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pink and Chic Dresser Makeover

This dresser was sitting in my garage for two months and I had  so many different plans for it I just couldn't make up my mind.  My daughter and I found some vinyl wall stickers on the clearance rack at Kohl's and I finally decided which direction to go. Of course I didn't remember a before shot until after it was primed.

It was your basic maple dresser with antique brass pulls and a Formica type top.
It had seen some better days with scratches all over and even came with a Batman band aid on one of the pulls! Of course I didn't get a pic of that either. :(  I had picked up a can of oops paint at Wal-mart that was a bubble gum pink and a black Eiffel Tower  vinyl decal as well as some damask vinyl decals. So, I painted her pink and tried to put the Eiffel Tower decal on, but it was just too big. Plan B was the damask decals. I was going to put them on the middle and outer portions of the drawers and alternate from drawer to drawer.  But, as I started playing with the decals, I realized how perfectly they would fit with the pulls. I spray painted the pulls black and add a coat of gloss sealer.  Then I lined the designs up with the holes for the drawer pulls and cut slits for the screws to fit through. Wa..La.. ( Is that how you spell that?) The finished product!

I usually have alot of self doubt when something is finished. I usually think it looks silly or not so great. Not this time! I love this dresser and I so wish I had a teen age daughter.I has that chic style and some great storage.  I think it is adorable and the pulls lined up so perfectly with the decals.

They almost disappear.

I would love to hear what you think, I hope you love it as much as I do!

Be sure and come back tomorrow, I am hosting my first ever linky party! I am a little torn about what to call it since there is already a Tuesday's Treasures over at .  I am thinking about Tuesday's Rescue and Restyle.
I want to feature thrifting treasures and restyling.  I would totally love some input. Please leave your suggestions in the comments. Thank you and thanks for visiting!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My First Milestone,100 Followers! Yeah!

I am so excited. When I pulled up my blog this morning, I had reached a milestone. Hopefully one of many. I now have 100 followers. You guys are so great, I love you all and all of your comments! Keep them coming!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Thrifty Treasures

                                                               I'm BACK!!!

I didn't fall off of the face of the earth, but I did get a little overwhelmed with life for the last two weeks. We had soo much going on that I couldn't get any projects done, let alone find time to blog. I  didn't even go into one thrift store until last Saturday. Therefore, no Tuesdays Thrift Treasures last week.

I have to share one of the reasons I was busy, because it was too cool! We went to an Indian Wedding!  Indian weddings last for several days and it was all fun, but the best part was the Henna Tattoo Party. A dear friend of mine's son was getting married, so my daughter and I decided to get in on the fun with the rest of the family.

Now don't judge the condition of my nails, but this was a day or two after we had them put on. They fade away gradually and will last 2-3 weeks before disappearing completely.
The Henna tradition is mainly for weddings and the bride has the most intricate designs, but all of the women are invited to Mendi Night. The designs are for beauty and blessings.
I'm sure I will probably never get to do this again, but it sure was fun. 

Ok, now on to my Tuesday's Thrifty Finds.  The DAV store in our area has a once a year sale, 98 cents for each item, not including furniture or electronics.  So we managed to find $62  worth of these items. I won't bore you with all of them, but these are some of my favorites.
                 A spoon rack that is going to become a jewelry holder. Watch for an update on this one.
I love these pans. They are ceramic lined with a splatter design. Does anyone know what they are called?
Sotheby's Encyclopedia of Porcelain. What an education for 98 cents!
I love blue and white as you have seen before and I also love little dutch shoes. These were also 98 cents for the pair and the next day I saw one shoe at an estate sale for $38, Wow!
Last but not least, I found these two chairs on Craigslist for $20 (for the pair).  They almost perfectly match the chairs in my Black Duncan Phyfe set that I repainted in June. I figured that if I added two more chairs to the set, someone would grab it up! With the holidays approaching (yikes) tables and chairs will be selling!

On a different note, I am quickly approaching 100 followers, yeah!
I am going to make this a linky party and have a giveaway for the first party. Tell your friends to come on over, hopefully we will start next week!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Thrifty Treasures

I had to endure another weekend with no thrifting. Life has been too hectic to get out and shop lately, as well as things have been moving a little slow lately at the booth.   So once again, I am sharing some of the treasures I have come across in the last few months that I don't think you have seen yet. All of these have sold recently and I thought you might enjoy seeing them.
 This vintage stereo cabinet was my mom and dads. Perfect for those album collectors with a retro feel.

Loved this granny square afghan that we found at Goodwill!

This cute french provincial desk sold before I could get it home to paint it.

This table and chairs was the same story. Left it at the booth until I had a place to bring it home to, and it sold.

Some of my favorite glasses from my father in laws attic.

Very old juice glasses.

Vintage Indy 500 commemorative glasses from 1959.

The dome from a wedding clock. Perfect as a cloche!

Thanks for looking. As soon as I hit 100, I am starting a linky party so you can share your favorite finds.  We are getting really close! Ask your friends to come and join!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Antique Chairs With an Updated Look

I really need to quit shopping at my own antique mall. I keep finding the best bargains, but my basement won't handle much more furniture. I have so many projects going that I barely have room to move.

Well, I came across four of these chairs in a booth marked 75% off. The best part was that they were originally $10 each. That means $10 for four chairs!? Wow, but would my daughter just kill me for buying one more project?  The problem was the seats looked like this.

All four of them were cracked and coming apart. I bought them anyway.
She showed up about 30 minutes later and she thought they were awesome. And,
she had a great idea on how to fix them! I was so relieved.

This is what they looked like as I was unraveling them.  I have so much respect for the talented people who weave these rush seats to begin with. That is a challenging job. More than I care to take on.

These particular chairs had removable seats. Four screws and they were off.

Here is the seat after I unscrewed it. You can see I still had a little of the rush to remove. Oh my, were my fingers ever tired!

I used a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the remaining tacks that held the ends of the rush.

One of these four chairs was fairly wobbly. I glued it and clamped it overnight and it was a rock.

Here we go, her idea was to replace the seats with jute webbing. I am putting on the first strip with my trusty electric staple gun.  I originally thought if I wet the jute and stapled it on wet, it would tighten up as it dried. Not such a great idea. Not only was it sagging after it dried, but the red colors bled.

So, I simply put it on dry and stretched it as tight as I could with one hand and stapled with the other.
I read where you can buy a stretcher, but my own strength seemed to be just fine.

After it is stretched and stapled, I trimmed about 2" away from the staples.

I folded the raw edge under, and stapled it down.

The front to back strips had to overlap slightly since it was wider in the front.

The side to side strips were woven through.

And the seat is finished. I am so happy with how they turned out!

I varied the weaving pattern to mix it up. 
 I think the finished product is in keeping with the vintage style chair with an updated look.
I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a note.

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