Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Thrifty Treasures

I had to endure another weekend with no thrifting. Life has been too hectic to get out and shop lately, as well as things have been moving a little slow lately at the booth.   So once again, I am sharing some of the treasures I have come across in the last few months that I don't think you have seen yet. All of these have sold recently and I thought you might enjoy seeing them.
 This vintage stereo cabinet was my mom and dads. Perfect for those album collectors with a retro feel.

Loved this granny square afghan that we found at Goodwill!

This cute french provincial desk sold before I could get it home to paint it.

This table and chairs was the same story. Left it at the booth until I had a place to bring it home to, and it sold.

Some of my favorite glasses from my father in laws attic.

Very old juice glasses.

Vintage Indy 500 commemorative glasses from 1959.

The dome from a wedding clock. Perfect as a cloche!

Thanks for looking. As soon as I hit 100, I am starting a linky party so you can share your favorite finds.  We are getting really close! Ask your friends to come and join!


  1. Wow, so great the stuff sold just from having it in your booth! Good vibes, now you can move on to the latest project! Love that desk, have one like it in my kitchen.

  2. I'm so curious about the French Provincial Desk, I have the EXACT same one.. How/where did you sell it?