Sunday, November 21, 2010

You Can't Paint That Table !

Once again, excuse the poor quality pics. Someday, I will get better at that part of posting. This is one of those fabulous finds from Goodwill that I came upon on a Saturday Night. My husband was out of town and I had nothing better to do. Anyway, this oak table was sitting in the back of the store with the kids toys and no price tag. She was very solid, but had several large gouges on the top. I finally found the sweet little old lady who worked there and asked her what the price was. It was only $14.00. Sold! She then proceeded to give me a detailed tutorial on how to restore it back to its original state. After all she said 'You Can't Paint Oak'! I just thoughtfully nodded my head and agreed with her, knowing I was going to paint the table. It was in too bad of shape to refinish, and after all I love painting furniture. I took her home and filled in the gouges with putty, sanded the heck out of her and started painting. After a coat of primer and several coats of white paint, she was this beauty. Of course, I once again did not take any pictures before I took her to the antique mall, so she is covered with my display. she actually sold to a lady who owns a very upscale, shabby chic shop in town where everything is white! I am so proud that she gets to go to a very nice home. I am linking to these parties: UndertheTableandDreaming

Friday, November 19, 2010

A New Life Rocks On

I know it has been two months since I posted last time, but I am so busy with projects that I never have time to sit down and post. Of course, I always have time to read everyone else's posts, so I think it's time I get busy with my own. I am so hooked on painting furniture that my mom actually walked into my house last week and said, 'Well I see you haven't painted all of your own furniture, yet'. No mom I haven't, but I am thinking about it. This is one of those great bargains from the thrift store, I think this came from Savers. I know I only paid $9.99 and it was ugly through and through. I am not very good at remembering to take great before pictures, but this is the best I have on this rocker. It actually had a dark green cushion with it that I recovered.
It had a wood finish with some very 1980's gold trim on the legs and a floral design on the top. The gold trim was actually a decal and it was a real chore to sand it off. I actually started to paint over it, but it was slightly raised and showed through the paint. So, after lots of elbow grease and perserverance she turned out like this-

This is in the booth at the antique mall, so I did not get a great picture of this cute rocker by itself. I love the fabric on the cushion, it was of course a remnant I picked up at Joann's.

It really updated this newly painted rocker. It actually sold very quickly, so I am happy that it can have a loving new home.

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