Saturday, April 20, 2013

Restyled Sundays #62

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays

I am actually writing this early, which is really odd since I never do anything
early. But, sweet hubby and I are driving today from Olathe, Kansas to
Chattanooga, Tennesee to pick up another dog. My niece was looking
for a new home for this sweet girl.
She will be one year old next Thursday and they can no longer
keep her, so we can't say no to such a sweet face.
Sophie will be our third dog, maybe we are crazy, but we love them all.
I am just praying now that Lady and Ellie like her.
I'll share more pics when I get her home!

Now I want to thank each of you that joined in to the party last week.
And thanks to all of you who just come to read. I really love to read
your comments, so be sure to let me know what your up to.

Kathryn from The Junk In Our Trunks found this gorgeous buffet
at a garage sale for $25. I need to go junking with her!

Cyndi from Blue Star Antiques created this amazing
table with a houndstooth pattern.

Susan from Simply Stone Creek turned an
old worn out dresser into this beauty!
I really love how Denise...on a whim redid a pair of plain
old stools with a few colors of chalk paint

Thanks again for sharing your projects. Tell your friends where you party!
Now let's see what you've been up to this week.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Restyled Sundays #61

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

I don't know if anyone else noticed, because I didn't until just now, but last week was
really week #60 and I labeled it #50. So now we are on the right track, and I am
officially a dummy! Probably more like ADD and I have to many things
running around in my head at once. Oh well, we are all good now.

We did not get to keep our warm weather long, but surely spring is a coming
since my flowers are all starting to shoot up little sprouts.
I really want to rework my garden this year. It would really help to have shade
loving plants in the shade and sun in the sun. My knock out roses only
bloom a little under the big birch trees. I'll try to get some pics soon.

Anyway, lets get on with the party. Thanks so much for all who joined
in last week. I love seeing what you have done.

I am in love with the beautiful finish on this
black armoire that Lisa from {createinspire} transformed..
It's truly a wow!

Talk about amazing! This girl transforms pianos into works
of art. From the junk in our trunks!

I love paper wreaths and Ashley from Ashley's Dandelion Wishes
added some color with different papers. Very springy!

amazing husband who made this cute bird house for her
from and old ice cream churn! What a guy!

Thanks to everyone again for joining in. I hope you have had a great week
and have lots to share this week.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays #50

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

Another busy week, and I finally had a little time to work at the antique
store. It felt so good to be in their rearranging, but I have a lot of work
to do to make it as pretty as I would like.  The best part of the week
is the weather. It was actually 77 degrees yesterday and even though it
was a little windy, I could not wait to get out a shake my can of Krylon.
No, I am not leaving this red. But it will probably take a couple
of cans of spray paint to cover this.

Well now let's talk about what you all shared last week.

Denise on a whim created this adorable mail station
from an old shutter and a little help from her hubby. 

Lisa from Create Inspire Me turned an ugly dresser into
this sweet vintage find. Be sure to check out the before.

Cyndi from Blue Star Antiques gutted an old salvaged
radio and created this beautiful little display piece.

I seemed to be on a blue theme this week :)
It is my favorite color!

Now let's see what you have been up to this week.