Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday's Thrifty Treasures

I didn't get to do any thrifting this weekend. I feel like I am in withdrawal.
So I am showing you a few things I have collected recently that I haven't shared yet.
My mom picked up this lovely asian print at an estate sale. There is something so sweet about these dogwood branches and the little bird. I sort of claimed it and hung it in my entry way for now.

To feed my wicker obsession, I couldn't resist this wicker couch for $95.
It will look brand new with a little paint and some new cushions.

I bought this antique cradle when I opened my first booth.
 I love it but have decided I need to part with it.

This adorable cigar box purse was on the shelf at Major Thrift.
Too cute!

This trunk came from another dealer closing out.
I only paid $20.  Yeah!

From Goodwill, I have plans! New paint and new fabric will bring it to life.

And last but not least. A very old cradle that some one decided to glue lace to.
Lot's of projects on the waiting list.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

French Provencial Meets European Chalk Paint

 I finally finished another chalk paint project. I found these three tables at a Boy Scout Troop garage sale earlier this summer. I was fortunate enough to only pay $15 for all three. They were pretty scratched up, but I was prepared to sand and paint.  Until I got my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Then all I had to do was paint!
I used old white and clear wax.  Here are the results:

Some moderate distressing and I think they turned out gorgeous.
They are now waiting for a new owner at Lone Elm Antiques.

Thanks for looking! I love your comments,

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday's Thrifty Treasures (Formerly Monday's Treasures)

I am finally giving in to the fact that Monday's are too crazy for me. I actually don't work at my day job on Monday's, which means I stuff the day full. Full of errands, full of appointments, full of everything. And apparently, too full to blog! I have a hard time realizing that I can't do everything, but, I still like to try. I have decided that I am not going to beat myself up about it, I am just going to change it. From now on, we will have Tuesday's Thrifty Treasures. I really would like to make it a linky party, but I am not sure if there is enough interest.  Tell me what you think, would you all like another place to link up? I also would love to do a giveaway each week for the most unusual thrifted item you share. How about it? Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think!

Before I share this weeks treasures, I have to tell you about what my daughter and I did yesterday.
We went to our first storage unit auction!  It was so fun. We are both addicted to Storage Wars on A&E.
When I was looking on Craigslist this weekend for Estate Sales, I found a post for a storage unit auction close by. I called her and we decided we had to go.  It was scheduled to start at 10:00 am Monday and we were there by 9:30, along with about 20 other cars. We promised each other not to bid, this was a chance to observe and learn. We should have bid. They auctioned off 8 units and the most expensive one went for $180 and the one with the most furniture went for $30. It had 2 french provencial dressers and numerous other pieces that we could not tell for sure what they were.  If that was all there was, we would have jumped on it, but it was a 10ft x 30ft unit with boxes piled to the ceiling. We just didn't have a plan to get everything out of there.  But, now that we know they go for reasonable prices in Kansas, we are making plans for the next one.

Now onto my thrifty treasures.

I bought this beautiful little antique rocker with a carved back for $7.50 from another dealer's closeout sale.
It's going to get a beautiful makeover.

This old (1960's) Winnie the Pooh book and very old interlock letters came from an Estate Sale that had to be 95 degrees inside. It was miserable, so I didn't stay long, but did grab these two things before I fainted.

This cute yellow pitcher and sweet little bust came from a Goodwill I don't normally get to.
I think they are both so sweet.

I love this little poodle I found at an Estate Sale.

And last but not least, my favorite little helper is displaying one of two
Couroc plates I found at the same sale.  (Isn't he doing a great job?)

Thanks for looking and I can't wait to read your comments!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Little Blue Table

I don't have any before pictures of this table because it was my daughter's. And, of course I forgot to take them before the paint can came out. It was very old and dirty and was pretty shaky.  A little glue, my trusty clamps and a can of spray paint and I think it turned out pretty cute.

I loooove turquoise, I think it really brings an old piece into a modern world.

I used Kilz spray primer first, so when I distressed it the white shows through nicely.

Even the legs look a little shabby chic.

Such a cute little table for such little work. Now it just needs a new home.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pink Ruffles and Blooms

I had a little fun making some ruffly pink throw pillows the other day. I am realizing how much I still love pink.  I had a pink room when I was a little girl, but when we grow up and get married, we feel like we have to go with something more gender neutral. I also had five boys and one girl and after she was big enough to pick her own room colors she chose anything but pink.  Well, thanks to all of you in blogland, and the fact that my boys have grown up, I am starting to incorporate some pink into our guest room. The guest room is mostly yellow, but with a floral theme, so I am adding pink where I can to satisfy my love for pink.

I had some pink satiny bias tape that I was never going to use. So I took some pink fabric and ruffled the pink bias tape in rows on one piece and a circular pattern on the other. It takes a while to get that circle just right, (I only took it off twice) but patience is a virtue as my father taught me, and I finally got it to wind around just like a rose. I then added the pillow back, stuffed with batting and sewed the edge shut.

Tada! My pretty pink pillows. I was going to take a  picture of them on the guest bed, but someone is sleeping in there now. So, I will share my pretty pink hydrangea blooms.

I have three of these plants in front of the house. I hope someday they will get very large, like the pictures I see in all of the magazines, but for now I will enjoy their lovely blooms.

Pink is so lovely! Enjoy your Sunday.
 I can't wait to share my thrifting finds with you tomorrow on Monday's Treasures.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buffet Makeover

I am so excited with the results of my buffet makeover. I bought this buffet from another dealer for only $85.
She didn't have any luck selling it and couldn't bring herself to paint it. Of course, I don't have a before picture, only a half finished pic.  I have had a little spurt of forgetting those before pics. It really wasn't ugly before, just boring.

                                                     Here is the pic I took in process.

And here she is finished. This is how it looked after I moved it to Lone Elm.

I painted it Kilz Cashmere White. I had purchased several gallons when
 WalMart clearance all of the Kilz Paints out several months ago.

I kept the original hardware and painted it all with Krylon's ORB.

Added some pretty paper to line the drawers!
I love the way it turned out.

Thanks for visiting. I would love to have you come back!

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