Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pink Ruffles and Blooms

I had a little fun making some ruffly pink throw pillows the other day. I am realizing how much I still love pink.  I had a pink room when I was a little girl, but when we grow up and get married, we feel like we have to go with something more gender neutral. I also had five boys and one girl and after she was big enough to pick her own room colors she chose anything but pink.  Well, thanks to all of you in blogland, and the fact that my boys have grown up, I am starting to incorporate some pink into our guest room. The guest room is mostly yellow, but with a floral theme, so I am adding pink where I can to satisfy my love for pink.

I had some pink satiny bias tape that I was never going to use. So I took some pink fabric and ruffled the pink bias tape in rows on one piece and a circular pattern on the other. It takes a while to get that circle just right, (I only took it off twice) but patience is a virtue as my father taught me, and I finally got it to wind around just like a rose. I then added the pillow back, stuffed with batting and sewed the edge shut.

Tada! My pretty pink pillows. I was going to take a  picture of them on the guest bed, but someone is sleeping in there now. So, I will share my pretty pink hydrangea blooms.

I have three of these plants in front of the house. I hope someday they will get very large, like the pictures I see in all of the magazines, but for now I will enjoy their lovely blooms.

Pink is so lovely! Enjoy your Sunday.
 I can't wait to share my thrifting finds with you tomorrow on Monday's Treasures.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I love those pillows! That look like vintage ones. I can see that the bias tape would be a challenge while sewing in a circle.

    Pink Sparkles for your week!
    Stephanie Suzanne ♥