Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday's Treasures

Maybe this needs to change to Tuesday's Treasures since I can't seem to get it posted on Monday's! Ok, I will give my self a break this week since it was Independence Day! Truth be told, I actually went thrifting yesterday and didn't even go watch fireworks. I have had a five day weekend, including today, from my day job. I am so exhausted from painting and sewing and painting and sewing, that I couldn't muster up the strength to go watch fireworks and fight the crowds.  I could hear plenty of them, and since my dog  is traumatized by loud noises, I spent the evening watching tv and holding her.

I do have one more treasure to share from my father-in-laws attic and I am really hoping to find more of this set when I go back to visit his attic again.  It is such a cool set and it was the set my husband remembers using when his was a child.

It is the Franciscan 'Starburst" pattern dinnerware. Kind of reminds me of fireworks! It is almost a complete set, so let's hope I find more!

Now onto this weekends finds. I went to the Salvation Army on Saturday and didn't buy anything the first time through. I was just out running errands, so I went on and finished those up. But, a certain picture I had seen there kept nagging at me to come back and get it, so I of course had to swing back by and pick it up. All pictures and furniture were 25% off, yeah! I only paid $7.50 for it.

I love lighthouses! Sorry, this picture is not good because I kept getting a glare, so I had to keep changing the angle. Anyway, it is the sweetest little lighthouse sitting on the desolate coastline, all by itself.
 I really don't like the frame, so I will either paint it or find a new one,  but it will look great on my mantle.

I also picked up this sad little footstool while there. It was also 25% off.
Can't you just picture it with a pretty little drop cloth slipcover?

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to a couple of thrift stores we don't get to very often.
She found this little sled for me. I also have a little thing for sleds, and this one has real metal runners.
A little Christmas in July.

I also found these two directors chairs for $4 each and then they were having  30% off  of all chairs!
That's only $2.80 each. I swear I saw a remake of directors chairs and one of the linky parties this weekend and of course now I can't find them. If any one knows where they are, send me a link. Pretty please!!
I can't wait to do a cute makeover on these!

Last, but not least, I had to show you this beautiful maple vanity and stool that I bought from another dealer a few weeks ago. As you can tell, I have already started painting the stool. It looks white in the picture, but it is actually a very pale shade of pink.  She had it for sale for a couple of months and I kept ogling it. It seems almost sinful to paint this beautiful maple, but alas, noone wanted it as it was.
So, it is getting a coat of paint and we will see if it sells all freshened up.

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  1. I almost bought that footstool! I had it in my cart and then decided I needed to finish all the projects I already have before bringing home anymore. I was going to do the drop cloth cover too! Let me know when it's ready to sell because I'll probably buy it! Btw, did you know they are closing our salvation army in a month? I was bummed. As soon as the new one opens in overland park, ours will close.