Friday, June 17, 2011

A Blue Denim Slip

This poor outdated chair was a hand me down from my mother's house. I had it for sale at Sentimental Journey for a while, really cheap, but nobody wanted it.  It's a really good chair, just not as pretty as she used to be.  It is so comfy I just couldn't bring myself to give it away.  So, I brought it home.  Some people bring home stray dogs or cats, I bring home stray furniture.
 She was missing her cushion in this picture. It was already in the slipcover and I didn't want to struggle getting it out again.
Her she is in her new blue jeans. Not too bad, huh? I am in love with this chair again! And my Home is Where The Dog Is pillow works perfectly here. I added a gold throw blanket for a little contrast.

Here she is without her accessories. This is the first slipcover I have done that was this complicated.  Ok, this is only my second slipcover.  It was really a lot of fun figuring out all of the different cuts and seams. I actually put the corners of the skirt on the outside first. Oh well, my seam ripper and I are quite familiar with each other.

I think she looks pretty special and I am showing her off at the following parties.


  1. It looks great! I have made a few slips too and had one in blue denim until our puppy recently chewed through the slip.

  2. I love denim! It looks great and super cute against your red rug!

  3. Wow! I am so impressed that you made this slipcover yourself? Looks amazing! :)