Friday, February 3, 2012

My Sweet Princess

Thanks to Alison at The Polohouse, I am showing off my favorite child today!
This is Lady Di. And, Yes she is a princess! And yes, my other 6 children know she is my favorite!
Not only has she never given the grey hairs that they did, she loves me even when I scold her.
Lady is now 6 years old, seems hard to believe, yesterday she was just a puppy!
This is the day we brought her home.
We have a daughter in law who is a veterinarian, who recommended we get a Goldendoodle. They don't shed, they have the temperament of the Golden Retriever, and the brains of the Poodle, and they don't shed. Yeah! We were ready for that after two lab mixes.
 When we bought her from a breeder, she was living in a barn with alot of other puppies,
and she smelled like she was living in a barn.  We had two puppies to choose from, two were
twelve weeks old and two were 9 weeks old. She was 12 weeks old and a little bigger than I thought
I wanted. But as I picked up each of the four puppies they were all licking me and squirming around, except for Lady. She just laid her head on my shoulder and whispered 'take me away from this place'.
How could I ignore that?  So, home with us she went!
I couldn't wait to give her a bath ( I think she was hoping for one also).
She obviously didn't belong on a farm. She was royalty after all!

Here she was taking her first bath. She fit in the kitchen sink!
She was ready to cuddle after she was all cleaned up.
And, here she is today! Doesn't she look like a princess?
Of course she has to get dressed up by my granddaughter when she comes over!

I am not so sure she likes that part, she thinks she is pretty enough with out the pj's!
She loves to look out the window.
Gotta keep an eye on those squirrels!
This was a rare camera shot of her looking straight at me.
She avoids the camera at all costs. Drives me crazy!
After her hairdo, she is in the back of daddy's car.
See how she turns her head!
But the best part of all is how she gives me a hug when I come home!

I would love to hear about your little sweetie pie.

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  1. With a name like Lady Di she should be wearing a tiara! But I suppose your grand daughter already tried that once.


  2. Great post! That is how it is supposed to work. You go and pick out a pet and THEY PICK YOU! I have never heard of that breed but no shedding would be a wonderful thing in our home. Loved your sweet story on Lady Di!

  3. What a sweetie pie! My sister has one of these also -- a golden doodle -- but she is golden colored! OMG.... such a sweet animal and so smart, just like your pretty princess!
    It's so funny how puppies can "Pick You"... I think it is meant to be when that happens, Ann!

    Thanks so much for linking up and so nice to meet you.
    I have truly enjoyed reading about each and every posted pet and loved seeing their pictures. A smile fest for me and many others who I noticed went to and visited and commented on every single entry just like I did!

    Thanks again for sharing, Ann!


  4. What a lovely dog with a lovely name! Friends of ours have a Labradoodle and just love him to pieces. The no-shedding would be a dream! We have three dogs and two cats. When we built our house I said NO CARPET. I swiffer, sweep and vac everyday to keep up with their furry little bodies but boy oh boy do we love them!

  5. Oh she is so cute!!! Our little sweet dog is Keiki and she is our 4th child. She is my best friend during the day when everyone is else where and I am working alone . Dogs are just the best. So happy for you and your family. -K