Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liebster Blog Award Thanks!

All I can say is THANKS! Thanks to JoAnn at Life at 2810
for awarding me the Liebster Blog award.
The Liebster Blog award is awarded to blog that are newer,
under 200 followers, and are rising stars. (Ok, I made that part up)
Liebster means dearest or favorite in German.
I am so honored to be among JoAnn's  favorites.

If you are chosen to be a Liebster Blog award winner,
you must complete three steps.

1.Choose five blogs to pass the award onto.
Tey must have less than 200 followers.

2.Show your thanks to the blog who gave you the award,
by linking back to them.

3. Post the blogs you have given the award to. linking back to their blogs.

So here it goes:
1. Who Makes Up this Craft by Jenni, my daughter.
Need I say more? No, really, she tackles projects and gets them done.
Now that Pinterest is around, her project list is growing by the day.

2 .Peggy at The Painted Pear has a beautiful blog and we share
so much of the same likes and style. She is a sweet and sharing blogger.

3.Becky from Generation to Generation loves all things vintage. She
has a way of showcasing her beautiful finds and makeovers. She would
love to have you visit and check her site out.

4. Angie and Holly from Slipcovered Grey have a great new blog and
I totally love how they chose their name. You have to read about it.
I totally want to go shopping with them, they find such great pieces
to makeover.

5. Daena from Bad Rabbit Vintage is the most creative person I have seen in
a long time. I could never even think of the things she paints. Wow, is
all I can say. Plus, she has a really fun writing style.

Be sure to visit each of these great new blogs. I am sure you will find
some great projects and fun reading!


  1. Yeah! So glad you chose your blogs to pass the award on to. Looking forward to checking them out!

  2. Thank you so much Ann! Hey, I can finally post a comment again! I really appreciate the award....