Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project ADD and A Few Sneak Peeks

I haven't posted for a week, bu I have really been getting alot of work done on my projects. I have an ongoing problem with project ADD. I keep starting projects and not finishing them. Does anyone else do this? I tell myself not to get caught up in this, but while I am waiting for paint or Mod Podge to dry, I can't help but start another project. While you have your paint brush out you might as well paint several things instead of just one. And of course you migh as well stitch a little in between the other projects. Usually I have projects staggered better, but this week I have them all at about the same state of unfinished. Oh well, I will have a lot of projects finished at the same time.
This little dresser is going to be a wealth of knowledge.
This comfy chair is getting redone for my son's room.
This chair is going to the antique mall with a new skirt on!
This cute little stool is also getting a new skirt after her legs got a paint job.
Keep watching for some great finished projects.

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  1. Phew,... I'm exhausted just looking at the multiple projects you have going on.. Yes, I tend to do that more at work than at home though. Currently I have 3 major projects (displays) in an upheaval at work.. much to my dismay and hopefully I'll be able to conquer two of them by tomorrow. Good luck.. keep us posted.