Friday, September 16, 2011

It's A Great Room Again

We have lived in our house for almost nine years.
We had the great room just as we liked it shortly after we moved in.
 Here is a picture from back then.
Then we decided to paint the room. We moved all of the furniture out and painted it. When we put the rug back in, hubby said this would be a perfect place for a pool table and I said ok. So, after an exhausting
effort to find the perfect pool table, we had this.

Of course the dogs had to get in the picture.
It was really fun for about the first year, then it got old.
And nobody played pool very often.
So, we decided to put it back like it was.

Please forgive these pics, they were taken at night.
We just put it back together a few weeks ago, and I still have a lot to do to update it and get it like I want it.
I think with the darker walls and the dark leather sofas, it needs some more color.
 Maybe some more light pillows?
I would love some ideas!
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