Sunday, September 16, 2012

Restyled Sundays #46

Welcome Back to Restyled Sundays!

Well, another week of house hunting with my daughter and another offer rejected. I guess there is still a very slim chance on that house, but the owners son through his hat in the ring. Obviously, he should have a chance, but he has to sell his house first, so buy the time they get around to making a decision, months may go by. So, we are looking again. New listings have been slow coming on the market lately, so to say the least, she is getting discouraged. I have been praying for something good to be out there for her. We must keep the faith.

Thanks for all of the great posts last week. You guys have some impressive talent!

Copper Tub 002

Pam from Adventures in Home Improvement found this great copper bucket in not so great condition for $10. She brightened it up and has it in her laundry room to collect wet towels. Pretty spiffy,Pam!


Cyndi from Blue Star Antiques. turned an old buffet with serious issues into a real beauty. One door was missing and she made that work to her advantage. I love this makeover.


Karen from Redoux Interiors made over this kitchen with nothing but paint. What an amazing job!


Angie from Knick of Time Interiors painted this vintage looking sign with CeCe Caldwell paint. She loved how it went on and created a very cute sign!


Now let’s see what you have been up to this week!




  1. The right house will come for your dfaughter Ann...and it will be better than anything she ever expected.

    1. Thanks Barbara. I know it will, it's just so frustrating seeing how many things are out there in really bad condition.

  2. Ann, thanks so much for featuring my buffet!! I always love your party!

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