Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bringing It All Together

After much thought, I have decided to combine my blogs. Besides this blog, I also had created another one called 'Stitch Daily'. I have realized that I need to put all my posts in one place and not be spreading myself so thin. Hopefully, this will result in more posts in one place and you as readers will be able to see all of the things I love. I love, love to sew. I have since I was a little girl and my grandmother spent hours teaching me. She was truly the creative inspiration in my life. She not only sewed, but knitted, decoupaged, needle pointed, and amazingly painted furniture! So I guess I have come full circle. I didn't start painting furniture until about a year ago, and I just recently remembered that she did also. She had antiqued furniture throughout her house. So now this blog will be dedicated to all of the things I love to do. I hope you like the change, I'm sure I will.

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