Friday, May 13, 2011

Art Comes In Many Different Forms

When most of us work with buttons, we call it a craft. When Herman Divers works with buttons, it becomes art. This very sweet man is in his nineties and I have the honor of treating him as a patient. Yesterday, he said, I have my button cane in the car and I want to show it to you. I don't know what I expected, but I certainly didn't expect a work of art like he showed me. This is a magnificent piece. He covered a cane in buttons. Buttons of every variety are individually tied on to the cane. If one falls off, the rest will remain in tact. I truly have never seen anything like this. He is an amazing gentleman. He said that he found that working with his hands was good way to keep his mind from being idle. I know all of us in blog/ craft land could not stand to sit around and do nothing, so we can relate. Herman walked out to his car just pushing his walker, not really using it. He really keeps it handy to have a place to sit. I am sure the cane is more for fun than support. As if the cane was not amazing enough, he gave a postcard with this picture on it. He used to create life size vehicles out of the old style pull tabs from soda cans. These pull tabs were discontinued in the late 70's, so most of this art was created in the 70's and 80's. This motorcycle that he created is currently in a museum in Lucas, Kansas. You can see this picture and others here. You never know, your craft could someday be considered art. PS I tried to post this last night, what was up with Blogger!

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