Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Treasures Vintage Hats

I remember so well getting all dressed up for church on Sunday morning and my mother donning her favorite hat. Those were pretty special days. Nowdays, I go to church in my jeans. These hats belonged to my husband's mother and grandmother. They were obviously quite stylish in their day. I wish I had some pictures of them wearing these hats, they would be so fun to see. The first three hats belonged to his conservative grandmother. Definitely on the proper side.
A lovely navy velvet pillbox with a grosgrain ribbon and bow.
Velvet is so difficult to photograph, I wish I new how to get the true texture of it.
This hat is also navy. It has layers and layers of tulle with a slub wrapped around the hat very tightly. No bow, no embellishment. Very conservative. This cute red straw number with the grograin ribbon and bow must have been her fancy hat. I was going to take pics of these on my own head, but my hair is long and I think you really need shorter hair or an updo to carry these off. The next three hats were his mothers. As you can see she definitely wasn't afraid to show her style. She loved flowers and feminine colors. I had the pleasure of knowing her for about 15 years before she passed away. She loved to dress up and she loved pink and turquoise. She even had a pink bathroom with turquoise accessories when I first met her back in the 1980's. So feminine with pink flowers and tulle.
I love this turquoise one. The flowers are so delicate.
The most exciting hat in the bunch. Individual flower petals cover
the entire hat with whole flowers around the brim. What a special Easter bonnet this must have been. I can't show you all of these beautiful hats without sharing the hat boxes they have been kept in. They are so sweet. I love hatboxes! I haven't decided if I will keep these hats or take them to the antique store. I don't really wear hats, but they give me such sweet memories of my mother-in-law. I think I will hang on to them for a while.
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  1. Oh Ann those hats are really lovely...women certainly knew how to dress in those days! The turquoise one is my favourite and I love that your mother in law had a pink and turquoise bathroom too.

  2. Hats with history, fantastic! It lovely when you buy something secondhand and your told its story. I have a dress worn by a newly married diplomat's wife as her going away dress, and I cant help but think of her when I wear it.

  3. Love the navy one and all the boxes too! So great you have the history behind them too and knew the character that wore them! Its what I love about vintage!