Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Very Vintage Christmas

Don't forget to post your favorite vintage finds or gifts, or if you have any projects you've
completed at Restyled Sundays still going on here.

Ok, now about our Very Vintage Christmas!
We decided to try something new this year,  I got the idea from a blog I read.
I cannot remember what blog, but they suggested not buying anything new this year,
so we decided it had to be from a thrift or antique store, handmade,
 or something you were willing to part with of your own.  Only for the adults, of course!
We did not include the kids, didn't think they would go for the used toys:(
We have drawn names for the last few years and we did so again.
I'm sure that some of us were much easier to buy for than others, but we made it work and it was fun.

My mom got a whole bag of pretties. She and I both love blue and white everything!

Dad got a used book.

One of my sons loves anything to do with the British, so he received some
coins that my dad got when he was stationed in England during the Korean War.

A book about Scottish Klan Plaids

And a cool tin poster about a very British Ale.

My daughter bought a cute storage bench for her sister-in-law
and made this adorable cushion with their last name in many fonts.

She also found her this cute 1950's kitchen stool.

My other daughter-in-law drew my name and found this very cool vintage fan.

I found this KU Jayhawk garden statue at one the antique malls
for my daughter.

I was lucky enough to also receive this cute dough bowl
and the rooster above from my daughter.

My very crafty daughter made the three young boys capes
with their initials instead of Superman's S. How cute they were! 

Grandpa even helped them learn how to fly!

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  1. Wow, great stuff - I love the fan and the wooden bowl best!

  2. Looks like a wonderful Christmas. i still have my Grandmother's step stool like that. Great dough bowl!

  3. Sounds like an awesome Christmas. Love the dough bowl...I've been looking for one for a while. Thanks for stopping by. I will be sure to check out the embroidery site you mentioned. I can't wait to make my first project.

  4. What a great idea. It worked very well in your case. Christmas is just to commercialized as far as I am concerned.

  5. What fun! People in your family did a great job of coming up with "not new" gifts!

  6. What a great idea, love that! Oh my gosh, love love love the dough bowl. Love the caped crusader at the bottom, getting flying lessons! :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. I love your idea!! Wish we did that at my house....what interesting and personal gifts. Happy VTT!

  8. Hello! What wonderful gifts...but we Scots spell it Clan with a C. Not a K as in Klu Klux.

  9. Well, I just love this idea! And all the vintage presents look like wonderful finds!

  10. great stuff Love the stepstool and fan