Thursday, March 8, 2012

My New Entry Decor

                             So I gave you a little sneak peek the other day, now for the reveal.
My sweet hubby decided to hang it up for me tonight.  I am so thrilled with it.
If you want a reminder of the before

I had this swag hanging in my entryway for over 10 years.
I knew it was time for a change.
When I saw this plaque in the Ballard Designs catalogue, I fell in love.
This would be perfect, except for the dimensions and maybe the price!
My space was only 19" high and this was 24".
So I was on the hunt for something special.

I found this in one of my own antique malls while just making the rounds.
You all do make the rounds on a regular basis don't you?
I try not to by more than I sell, but I do find alot of awesome prizes.

It was on sale for $85 dollars and Ballards plaque was $229!
I was jumpin up and down, but I didn't want to spend the money without
running it by my hubby. I told him he could give it to me for Valentines Day.
and he said go get it. I was so worried it would be gone.
 But, I lucked out and it was still there

This gives you a view of the entry way heading into the family room!
Do you know what this was originally?
The little knob is a hint..
Love to hear your guess!
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  1. I love that! It looks amazing over the doorway! What a great find-I'm so jealous!

    1. Thanks Molly, I love it too! I feel so lucky I found it.

  2. It looks perfect in that spot! And... I think it's even nicer than the one from Ballard.

  3. I think its from an old upright piano, in fact it looks very familiar to me. My grandma gave me her old piano when my children were little and my five girls wanted to take lessens.....many years later one of my girls has the piano at her home for her little girls and the carvings look very much like mine. It had a tag inside that dated it 1880s!!mmmm I might ask for it back, just teasing. It looks great.

    1. I think your right! It does not have a date on it, but I am sure it is really old. Now every time you look at your daughters piano, you'll be thinking how great that piece would look on the wall! Thanks for visiting!

  4. i agree much better than the ballard one, love it! i make the rounds weekly. lol you never want to miss out.

  5. What a wonderful update! It looks gorgeous. Sometimes we just leave what is there and they all the sudden we realize it looks old and needs to be retired!